DM Mike


Mike started playing D&D in 1993 and has been a Dungeon Master since. He has run numerous long-term campaigns, as well as one-shot games at conventions, including GenCon, and local events, like Slur Your Role and Friday Night RPGs. 

Mike is the co-founder of Nerd Louisville, a local charitable organization that is dedicated to promoting nerdy interests and uplifting at-risk youth in the city with education and healthy, safe recreation in the form of tabletop games. He has run games for children at the Cabbage Patch Settlement House, for example. 

Mike’s primary goal is to ensure the players are having a good time. If that is true, the rest of the game is easy. 

NOTICE: Due to coronavirus, I am suspending all in-person games. However, I will be running games online using a virtual tabletop! This includes out-of-state customers. Please reach out for more details.