Adventures & Pricing

Introductory Adventure Package

New to Dungeons & Dragons? Not sure if you are ready to hire a DM? This is the perfect introduction to the process. I will run a short, contained 3-hour session containing a mix of exploration, social interaction, and combat. New customers only.


  • Pregenerated Characters
  • Learn to Play
  • 3 Hour Session
  • Up to 4 Players
  • Optional: Additional Players (+$25 each)

Standard  Adventure Package

This is the standard adventure package. I will run a contained adventure that spans 4 hours. Together, we will discuss the style of adventure you would like to play, including the mix of combat, exploration, and social interaction. 


  • Pregenerated or Custom Characters
  • Choose a Module or Custom Scenario
  • 4 Hour Session
  • Up to 4-5 Players
  • Optional: Additional Players (+$25 each)
  • Optional: Other RPGs

Team Building Adventure Package

This package is best for corporate events or small teams of folks looking to develop bonds. I will design a custom scenario to your specifications that requires a team-based approach and challenges your staff to work together to overcome. 


  • Customized Scenario
  • Customized Characters
  • 3-5 Hour Session
  • Number of Players Dependent on Scenario
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